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With more than half of the county’s residents age 25 and over holding a 4-year bachelor’s degree or higher, Hunterdon County’s highly educated workforce is a major asset—and one of the top reasons why so many companies have started, relocated or expanded their businesses here.

What Makes Hunterdon's Workforce A Smart Choice?

hunterdon countys population
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of the population has a Bachelor’s degree. More than 1.4 times the rate in New Jersey (38.6%) and 1.5 times the rate in the U.S. (31.3%)

post graduate degree
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of the county’s population has some type of post-graduate degree

graduation rates
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is the County’s high school graduation rate. One of the highest in the nation.

Continued Growth

As of 2015, the Hunterdon County labor force reached 65,918—a 1.72% increase from the previous year. More than three-quarters of employment in Hunterdon County is White Collar. Hunterdon County has a high concentration of residents working in Information; Professional, Scientific & Technology Services and Finance & Insurance. These three clusters combined employ more than 5 times more people than expected for a county of its size.

Where Workers Live

The average commute time for New Jersey workers is 30.4 minutes That means in addition to the already robust workforce available within the County, there’s an even greater reach to recruit talent outside the County lines.

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