Bringing Research To Life.

Situated in the heart of the Northeast Corridor, Hunterdon County’s life sciences companies have strategic access to the most elite financial markets and regulatory centers, including those in New York City and Washington, D.C. Life sciences businesses that start, grow or relocate in Hunterdon County can take advantage of strategic partnership opportunities provided by the high concentration of biopharmaceutical companies in the County and surrounding region—as well as the brilliant minds of the area’s top research centers and universities.

Every year, life sciences companies welcome more than 20,000 new prospects who graduate from the region’s top educational institutions with Life Science degrees—adding more talent to its already highly talented workforce pool. Princeton University and Rutgers University have a long history of supporting the research needs of the private sector. In fact, Rutgers’ RUCDR Infinite Biologics—the world’s largest university-based cell and DNA repository—collaborates with researchers in the public and private sectors throughout the world.

Hunterdon County’s life science cluster spans specialties including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (R&D) and medical devices.

Pharmaceutical companies specialize in manufacturing or distributing drug-related products.

Biotechnology (R&D) companies carry out scientific, analytic and diagnostic research and development.

Medical Device companies engage in manufacturing and distributing medical equipment and supplies.

Notable Life Sciences Companies

Below is a list of just some of pharmaceutical, nutritional, and other life science companies who call Hunterdon County home.

Check back often as the list is constantly growing:


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