Hunterdon County Economic Development Grant Program

Hunterdon County is committed to partnering with our communities through, among other things, the provision of resources to help move forward common goals. The highly popular Municipal Economic Development Grant Program is an extremely important example of this commitment.

The program is funded on an annual basis and is available strictly to county municipalities looking to move economic development programs and initiatives forward. Through the program, towns have revamped their websites, streamlined their policy and procedure, hired consultants for a wide-variety of projects, and much more.

The program goes a long way towards making the entirety of Hunterdon County attractive for investment and for ensuring that economic development is a common goal of all county communities.

In short, it plays a pivotal role in keeping the county working together and creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurialism and job growth.

Interested communities should contact the economic development office at 908-399-1108

Purpose: The Hunterdon County Economic Development Grant Program (EDGP) provides funding to Hunterdon municipalities looking to explore, create, or implement programs, policy, or procedure consistent with the goals and objectives of the Hunterdon County Office of Economic Development.

Allotment: The total amount available through the EDGP program will be determined annually and will be available on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year.

Qualification: Any Hunterdon County municipality is eligible for EDGP funding from Hunterdon County

Eligible Uses: Studies, consultants, relevant project materials, event support, and other purposes deemed as consistent with the goals and objectives of programs and initiatives currently being implemented by the County’s Office of Economic Development.

For complete program outline and additional details, download the program description here:

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